Warning: Fresh Face site

We want to pass along a warning about a site, Fresh Face Male Models, that is stealing profiles of male models. They post pages on their site pretending that they are the agency for the models. We have confirmed with 2 of our models that they never authorized their images to be on the site. They have emailed the site to have their information removed and were told it would be done. However, they are still on the site.

You should visit the site and find out if you are being misrepresented. You should continue to email them if you find yourself on the site.

Stolen Images, Lies and Threats - A Scammer Unmasked

A warning from top fitness photographer Pat Lee about fake agent Jonathan Ayana who uses other alias. 

Houston Caution: Jason Mortel

We have an unfortunate and unprofessional situation that happened in Houston this month. It is actually common so we want to share the story so models can be cautious. We scheduled a first shoot with photographer Jason Mortel in Houston. Immediately following the shoot Jason friended and followed the model on every social site and began contacting him. Our Director Alan Rust asked Jason to work through him so the model didn't have repeated contact. Jason agreed and said he looked forward to working together with Alan more. Jason contacted the model again the next day and that model contacted Alan for help. Alan contacted Jason and again asked him not to contact the model. Jason began long angry text messages. Alan then canceled a future shoot with Jason because of the continual contact with the model and his unprofessional attitude. Jason began what seemed like threats toward Alan and has started telling others in Houston about his side of the story. Jason has now refused to provide the model with the photographs that were taken at the shoot. The situation is not how an industry professional should act.

Alan and our team have had situations where the photographer seems to want to become personally involved with the model. In our opinion, a photographer doesn't need to repeatedly contact, message and comment about a model. It should remain professional and not personal. Every model should realize that they don't need to share any social sites or personal or social site information with a photographer or industry professional. If any industry professional begins repeated contact, it is always best to just stop the communication. Ask a friend, professional or legal expert to continue the communication. A model release should always be reviewed and signed before any photo shoot takes place. This way a model has legal recourse in case a photographer refused to provide the work from the shoot. It takes both a photographer and a model to make a photo shoot happen. The photographer is no more important that the model.

Alan and ODM will not work with or promote Jason Mortel in the future. The comments in this post are the recollections and opinions of Alan Rust.

The image above was taken by Jason with the model in wardrobe provided and styled by Alan Rust. The image was shared on Instagram but not provided to the model. Jason also did not give the model in this image any credit or mention.


Advice for New Male Models

I have been helping new male models get started for many years. I have talked with literally hundreds of guys as they have started their career. This is the advice I have given every guy I have talked with. Many of them have commented that they are smart guys; which they are. However, when you are entering a new industry and don’t know about it there are many ways you can be taken advantage of. I will discuss the industry warnings, photographers you should work with, explain a model release and how to avoid scams. Read the entire article here. You are the only one in control of your career and your image.

Any male model is welcome to contact me  for advice on how to get the best start to their career. We have existed to help models have a positive career. I am most proud of the hundreds of potential male models that I and the team have helped. Good luck!
Alan Rust is the founder and owner of On Display Men.  He has been working with male models for years to help them have a positive start for the best modeling career possible.  Find out more at About.Me/AlanRust

Photographer thoughts on the Advice

Byron Atkinson, photographer, sent these comments about the male model advice.  Thank you for your input Byron.

Interesting post:  I agree with much of what Alan says, particularly where signing a release is concerned.  Whether the assignment is fee based or TFCD, I always make it clear that a signed release is required and provide the model with a copy of the release in advance of the session. A release is for both party's protection.